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From £1 per week, you could win:

1st prize
If you match 6 digits.
2nd prize
If you match 5 digits.
3rd prize
If you match 4 digits.
4th prize
5 prize entries
If you match 3 digits.

Welcome to the Royal Naval Association Weekly lottery

Play the Royal Naval Association (RNA) weekly lottery and support a rank-blind network of Serving, Veterans and Family members of the Royal Navy.

The RNA members, known as Shipmates, range from new recruits at HMS Raleigh to WW2 Veterans and everyone in between. It is a family and shares the same bonds, mindset and language; it is the heart and soul of the Royal Navy.

By playing the RNA lottery you will help the Association look out for its shipmates’ families. The RNA is proud to represent our Navy, ensuring we never forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

By playing the RNA lottery you not only have the chance to win some fabulous cash prizes. You will help enable our network of Welfare Officers who offer support and guidance in times of need.

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How it works

Once you have registered online we will write to you with a six-digit sequence, which will be entered into the draw every Friday that you are in credit (£1 per line, per week).

Every Friday, six numbers are selected at random, and if you match three or more in the correct sequence you will win one of the cash prizes on offer!

The winning sequence is published here every Friday afternoon, and if you win there is no need to make a claim - your prize is automatically sent to you!

  • A 6-digit match wins £25,000
  • A 5-digit match wins £1,000
  • A 4-digit match wins £25
  • A 3-digit match wins 5 prize entries into the next draw

Did you know? A least 50% from each £1 lottery entry goes to us!

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How you match your number

Each Friday, a 6-digit winning number is generated using a Gambling Commission approved Random Number Generator.

To win, the digits in your own number must match the drawn number, and be in the same position.

Number drawn:


Your number:


The above example shows 4 digits matched in the correct sequence. This match would win our 3rd prize of £25.

If you win, your prize will be sent to you automatically, meaning there's no need to make a claim.

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